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Development of National Clinical Guidelines for Ambulance Services
JRCALC have established a sub-committee to co-ordinate the development of a set of national clinical guidelines for use by UK Ambulance Services - The JRCALC Clinical Guidelines Sub-committee (JRCALC-CGC). These pages will chart the work of this sub-committee and the development of pre-hospital guidelines.

The purpose of the JRCALC national Clinical Guidelines sub-committee is to provide the main JRCALC committee and thereby the Ambulance Services in England with evidence based clinical guidelines using where available the published evidence base. Where there is no published evidence the sub-committee will endeavour to use available expert advice to formulate the guidelines. The sub-committee will also develop standards and performance indicators for each guideline.

The scope of the sub-committee will encompass all aspects of clinical care delivered by Ambulance Services and take a comprehensive view of all clinical activities to ensure that the provision of health care within Ambulance Services remit is deemed to be best practice.
16/17 April 2002
23/24 July 2002
9/10 October 2002
17/18 January 2002
13/14 September 2001
3/4th May 2001
Meetings held at Churchill House


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